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Year of 25 Revisited

As my 25th birthday approached, I knew I wanted to plan an epic year of personal growth and adventure. For me turning 25 represented, the end of being a student and the beginning of being an adult. It was a time for me to take chances and really start something, try things, and experience life. So I made a challenge to myself as a way to hold myself accountable and called it the year of 25 challenge. You can read about it here.

Anyway, I figure that before my birthday rolls around that this would be the perfect time to reflect on how things are going in my year of 25 challenge, perhaps set a few new goals for myself, and maybe even inspiring you along the way.

So I have to admit that the two highlights of the year of 25 challenge is getting out of my comfort zone and becoming part of a book club and then my trip to New Orleans. Getting out of my comfort zone meant that I got the chance to fall in love with reading again. I was able to embrace my best friend of books in a way I haven't in years, and I have been able to make the adjustment to finding authors and books I liked again after I struggled to do so while I was transitioning from high school to college. From participating in the book club I have found a new love and appreciation for romance novels (unashamedly) and discovered a new favorite author in Taylor Jenkins Reid. Perhaps, best of all it has given me somewhere to go and something to keep my mind active post-graduation.

Outside of my book club experiences, the other highlight of my year of 25 experience was that I was able to travel with my best friend, the Blanche to my Dorthory to New Orleans. It is easy for me to admit that flight has always caused me anxiety. I am totally one of those people who get into their seat and does not get up for the duration of the plane. Within an hour or so, I am ready to get off, so me and flying aren't always ideal. But I was able to put aside my fears, my concerns, and everything else and got a fantastic experience from it.

So far the year of 25 has given me two amazing experiences that have made an impact on my life. Would I have completed these tasks without the challenge? Maybe, but I think that the challenge was able to give me the extra courage to grab these instances by the horns and go for them. I do believe that there is more to be done. More growth can happen and I can challenge myself for more to happen as well. Just what, I'm not sure yet as time year of 25 will be up in a short few months, but something.

With that bit of reflection completed, here are my tips for taking a personal growth challenge

1. Don't Pressure Yourself - Pressuring yourself will only make this type of challenge difficult and get in the way of your everyday life instead of enhancing it.

2. Listen to your heart/inner voice/self - Your self knows when something is wrong and when something is right. Listen to these guiding voices when deciding what opportunities to chase and which ones to pass by,

3. Set goals, but set them loosely - It's important to set goals in this kind of challenge, but unlike other types of goals, deadlines aren't as important.

4. Have fun and bring joy into your life. - It's as simple as that.

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