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Year of 25

In 2 weeks I will turn 25.

A few months back when I first started thinking about getting older and turning 25, which now seems to be more of a milestone year than I ever thought it would be, I set an intention. I set the intention for what I began thinking of as “the year of 25” in which I would set the stage and begin to live my “ best life.”

As life happened and as time went on I lost sight of this intention. Caught up in the smaller day to day moments the overarching intention to design this life became lost and muddled.

I am recommitting to this intention.

Since I am recommitting to this intention, I want to do it right. I want to do it in a way that is intentional and deliberate. I want to set goals, create plans, and make those goals happen. I want to streamline, and create joy by only hanging onto what makes me happy and what brings better into my life. I can do nothing less than that.

I owe myself nothing less than that.

Granted, during this phase I will not be able to control everything down to a t. The universe has a way of disrupting even the best laid plans, by presenting other choices or forcing other situations as it does.

Ultimately though, I want to create purpose and intention within my own life, and be able to share it with you, so that you too can create purpose and intention within your life.

So as I begin to create these things within my life, I will be sharing them here. If you want to follow my journey to see how I do or would like to try along for yourself, makes sure to pay attention to the posts under the category #yearof25

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