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Tips to Knowing when it's time to let go

Sometimes knowing when to let go, is harder than beginning something in the first place.

I think that line is especially potent when it comes to a situation, person, place, or thing that you think you wanted for a while.

So here are my tips to knowing when it's time to let go.

1 It doesn't feel right anymore. - Listening to your body is key here. Your body knows before you know sometimes. Pay attention to your feelings, do you feel fearful? Apprehensive? Nervous? Do you constantly have a knot in your stomach? Constantly getting headaches? Take a moment to listen to your body and see what it's telling you.

2. When a moment changes everything - At times realizations can descend upon you and it's important to take these in for what they are and acknowledge them instead of shoving them back down. These realizations can sometimes act as premotions. I remember the last dinner I had with my ex, and I had a moment where I thought to myself "what am I doing?" the relationship was over the next day. With a recent job of mine I suddenly thought "I can't do this anymore." My two weeks notice was put in a week later. These moments can sometimes act as guides for us.

3. Friends and Family looking at you differently - When your friends and family are looking at you differently or treating you differently because of something in your life (person, place, or thing.) maybe its time to find out how you really feel about that thing. Sometimes the people we are closest too have clues to our feelings about things. It's our job to pay attention to some of those shifts. By doing so you can learn some things about yourself and find some hidden clues for your life.

Taking these 3 tips into consideration are important to think about when making changes or considering making changes in to your life. They are important to think about when it may be time to let things go.

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