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Tips for Dealing with the Cycle of Doubt

Doubt is something that we all go through, and feelings that we all experience. For some people doubt is a passing emotions, but for others it lingers. The way in which it can linger within our spirits can cause anxiety, fear, and irrational thoughts. When doubt lingers within the spirit, I like to think of it as a cycle. As with all cycles sometimes it's short and at other times its long.

With that being said, here are 3 tips to dealing with life when doubt is lingering in your spirit and trapping you within a cycle.

1. Recognizing that you are in a cycle of doubt - The first step is recognizing when your doubt is becoming something more than a “normal” amount of doubt, (normal can look different for everyone so it is equally important to know yourself.) and is crossing over into something more. Therefore changing from a moment into a cycle. As always, the first step for working on this sort of problem, is recognizing when you are experiencing it. Doubt goes hand in hand with anxiety, so a cycle of doubt can look like anything from racing thoughts to lashing out angrily. It is also important to take note of what this looks like in you as a cycle of doubt won’t look the same in everybody.

2. Write, write, write - For me a moment of doubt can quickly turn into a cycle, in which every negative thought and thing chases itself around and around in my head. My thoughts race and nothing seems clear and the only thing that I have found to be the relief for this is writing. I write everything out, and it helps me to come to the conclusion and to what is at the root of all that doubt. Knowing what the root problem is at the center of the doubt cycle helps me to be able to solve it. Some type of activity like this, is helpful because then you know the target of your feelings and everything gets sorted out. Once everything is sorted out and all of the other useless thoughts fall by the wayside, it is easier to let go of the doubt, and then move on with a clearer head. Writing isn’t the only way that I think this can be done, any creative activity is useful here.

3. Check yourself - I find that most doubt comes from similar situations and thoughts. I think that it is important to recognize not only the roots of these thoughts but when, where, how, these thoughts look and begin to creep into your mind. If you can do that, you can learn to stop these thoughts in their tracks and redirect your thought process. Give the doubt a positive spin, or even say to yourself “I don’t really believe that” or distraction, find what works for you.

So here are my three tried and true ways of dealing with the cycle of doubt!

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