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The Unglamorous Side of Self Care

I think that there is this an idea of self-care that it is that it has to be this super glamorous affair. That it is this lush undertaking, filled with bath bombs that make juicy fluffy bubbles, and thick lush robes, wine and face masks. Or it looks like yoga or some other physical activity.

But self-care is so much more than the glamorous ideals, not that these glamorous things can be a form of self-care in of themselves, because they can be, but they can also be unattainable for some and for others may turn them away from self-care all together.

(There is a previous blog post that talks gives10 ways to practice self-care that aren't bath bombs, which you can find here.)

For today's post, I want to dive into the unglamorous sides of self-care, and the forms of protecting, caring, and honoring ourselves that can be just as rewarding if not more so as luscious bubble baths, that are free and more attainable.

1. Recognize the toxicity in your life - Utilize the 5 w's to recognize who, what, where, when and why situations, people, and things are toxic within your life. This ties into tapping into your mood to realize which of these things are making you feel a certain way, and what of these things make you feel like your energy is drained. Once you know this, you can begin to find ways to minimize these effects.

2. Make space for peace - Create room in your life for peaceful moments. In between the busy, the hustle, and the bustle make time for those moments when just for a few seconds everything feels peaceful, quiet,calm.

3. Center yourself - Learn to center yourself within your life. We only get to live once and I think that most people get that when it comes to things like trying new things or new experiences, but this also applies to your personal life. You have to do what you want to do. You have to do what will make you the happiest. Center yourself, your choices, and you within your life. Decisions, choices, and options cannot be based on other people, and people who aren't treating you the way in which you want to be and deserve to be treated can make a swift exit.

4. Say No - Just do it when you want or need to do it. Say no. You don't have to say yes, and no one can make you.

5. Create and Recreate Boundaries - Create boundaries for the people within your life. These boundaries must be clear and defined, and you can't let anyone cross them or allow them to be crossed. No allowances for boundary crossers. Keep it clear. Keep it strict. Keep it tight.

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