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The Beauty of Quitting

So we live with this mentally of quitting is bad, and to never give up no matter what. That struggle and strife is the only way to live and to be able to reach future rewards.

But why struggle and try extraordinarily hard if we don’t have to?

Why sit around pouring yourself into something that you may want to do ideally, but aren’t truly good at. Or even truly enjoy? While having that much strength and tenacity is admirable and takes a lot of energy to do, it takes so much more to be able to recognize that self- awareness that is saying “This isn’t for me.” It takes even more strength to listen to the voice when it says “But this is.” It can take every ounce of strength in you to acknowledge both of these statements and then do something about it.

Even Though it is scary, and may not go according to your plans, you can find success in what is for you. Instead of spending so much time forcing yourself to be a square peg in a round whole.

Of course there could be many benefits and luxuries that are provided to you by forcing yourself to be a square peg in a round hole and you may even find success in it. But in a world that is increasingly dangerous, scary, and dark, were happiness seems hard to come by, and one can’t help but wonder if the world will even survive long enough for them to see their “golden years” that if that success is worth it, if you are unhappy. If you don’t experience joy because you missed your chance to do what is for you.

The success in doing what is for you may not look like the success that you dreamed of, but I promise you that it can be just as grand and beautiful. The only way to reach this success is to recognize the gift that quitting can be.

People always talk about the beauty of working hard and struggling to achieve their dreams or their goals, which may have never been appropriate for them in the first place. People speak of the beauty of being broken, and picking back all of the pieces to achieve their goal, but what about the beauty in knowing when enough is enough? The beauty in knowing yourself well enough to be able to stop, reflect, and reevaluate. The beauty in letting go, and achieving a new dream that you never thought you could, or excelling at an opportunity in a field that you never even knew of before.

What if holding on so tightly to a goal, a dream, a situation is instead like locking an albatross around your neck, or trying weights to yourself and then throwing yourself into the ocean. This is when the beauty of quitting can be seen and acknowledged for the grace that it is.

By quitting a situation, you are allowing life and the universe to gift you with new ones. By quitting a goal, you are allowing the space for new ones, and the opportunity to achieve or be put into situations that through a clouded, singular focused mind you never thought were even possible for you.

We need to value quitting as much as we value stubborn headed perseverance. There is an art to quitting though, and that is knowing the when and how and to have a plan, and those are the things that can only come from within.

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