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Tarabusi Creek

I love soap. The best soap that I have ever bought and used is from Tarabusi Creek.

Tarabusi Creek is a vegan skincare brand. All of the things on the site are vegan and are amazing. Recently the brand as expanded into other products like soap scrubs, and even candles. You can find the website here.

Anyway, I have used some of the scrubs in the past and I have loved them. They did make my skin softer and less ashy. But at the end of the day, this brand is my go-to brand for soap. I have been using soaps from this brand for years now, after switching over from Dove, and this is the best soap ever.


It makes my skin feel amazing and keeps it feeling amazing. As someone that can sometimes have sensitive skin, this soap has never made me break out or anything like that. And I have been through so many different sents of soap from this brand. Everything from a grassy scent to any and everything in between. Plus the soap just smells heavenly, and who doesn't want to wash in sweet smells? The Luscious Bar shown above smells like lavender and it's great.

So if you want to try new soaps that keep you skin clean, soft, and not ashy, try Tarabusi Creek's soaps.

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