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Stitch Fix Reflections

Y'all.... I haven't done a Fashion Friday Post in so long! So I thought I'd do one. If my love of planners is great, then my love of fashion is greater. It has also been awhile since I've talked about fashion here, mostly I have been talking about self-care, and other tips.

So lets go back to my very first love and talk about fashion by talking about Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix is one of those subscription box services where for $20 bucks a month, you get a couple of items of clothes, keep what you like (and pay), and send the rest of it back.

I have been getting fixes for about 6 months now, on a every-two week basis I've skipped a box here and there but I have found some pieces I adore, some that I'e hated, and basically harassed Stitch fix into giving me the types of things that I want.

So below are my thoughts about being a stitch fix customer for the last couple of months.

Do you like the items you get in the box?

Sometimes. Most of the time now, in the beginning not at all. My first couple of fixes were horrible. The clothes were not my style at all I found them to be ugly, dated, and boring. Often I would only like one item and that was a pair of shoes. I was not feeling those early fixes, and was thinking about quitting the service. I told stitch fix that as well. Since telling them that in plain, simple, language, things have gotten better. While I may not like or be able to even buy everything, I do find that I like the majority of the items and do find them to fit me even if I don't buy them all.

How do you get what you want/the best stuff?

I have found that in order to get the best stuff and more of what I want, the first thing I had to do was up my price range. Stitch fix allows you to select price categories in for different ranges. Selecting as cheep as possible not the way to go. In my experience as cheep as possible meant as ugly as possible. Next link a fashion Pinstrest board to your account and pin away. Linking my Pintrest to my account was the easiest way for my stylist to be clear about the way I was looking, and it gave me the added benefit of being able to say for those bad early fixes, my account clearly wasn't looked at for inspiration. You can find my pintrest here. Brutal honesty. At the end of each fix, you can rate and leave written feedback on each item and the overall fix itself. Be brutally honest about how you feel or felt about the item. Brutal honesty is the only way to go. Lastly don't be afraid to switch stylists. One bad fix, and my stylist is gone, I'm onto a new and hopefully better one. I am now on the same stylist for a third fix which is a record for me.

What have you kept?

From all of my fixes I haven't really kept much. I only brought a full box once, and most of those items ended up not working out to well in the long term. The quality wasn't there, and I have lost a top, also one item has ended up on my to list on Poshmark pile just because i'm not feeling it anymore. My two favorite items that I have kept have been a great pair of shoes, and the softest, comfiest causal jumpsuit.

Why do Stitch Fix and why do I keep doing it?

Boredom. Overall I find Stitch Fix to be pretty entertaining, as I never know what I am going to like or what I am going to get in a box. So its fun unwrapping this package and trying things on and seeing. It is also fun because I can try new things or different styles that I normally wouldn't want to buy in the store for myself.

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