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Stationary Chronicles - November 2019 Cloth and Paper subscription Box Update


The November Cloth and Paper Subscription box was EVERYTHING

Check it out below

So... I am in love with the items that I received in the subscription box this month, and I am figuring out ways to use the inserts in and what I want to do with them. Which items I want to check out now and which things I want to save for my precious 2020 set up.

Let's start with the dividers.

For now, I have placed the black map dividers into my 2020 planner in the back. I’ve noticed that with the inserts the last few inserts get kind of bent up unless something is underneath them. I put the black one into my 2020 planner in order to not bend my 2020 monthly inserts. The tan map, I have put into my current planner set up to prevent the same issue.

The long page line strips

So for now, I took a couple of these strips and placed them in my current set up, and put the rest away for later. I want to use these in my 2020 set up as a place for a to-do list and things like that, but I am not sure if I will actually use them yet. So I am putting them to the test. If I find that I am using them through the month of December into the 2020 planner set up they will go, if not, I will find some other use for them. I am finding that the ability to have a to-do list or budget tracking I have been doing using note pad paper and paper clips, and I think that having these sheets will eliminate that part. But we will see how that goes.

Stickers and pen have been put into my stationery storage basket, as well as the tiny notebooks, which are passport sized. I am not sure how I will use any of these items yet or if I will use them yet. The tiny notebooks have graph paper on the inside, and I don’t really like graph paper.

The last of 2019, inserts have been placed into my current planner set up, and the postcards will be going into my office to hang on my cloth and paper collage. Every time that I get a cloth and paper card with a saying on it, it ends up on the corkboard in my office. I am slowly, but surely making a college with it, that is not only for my enjoyment, but I have found that clients enjoy it as well.

So, this month box came with a set of AMAZING inserts all based around travel. To be honest, outside of the budget page which I have placed into the December section of my current set up, the rest of the travel inserts have taken a spot in the back of my planner to chill there as I am not sure how to use them yet or if I will use them at all. I like to travel and have a couple of trips anticipated, but nothing too big, so these inserts may end up being a bit of a flop for me, but we shall see.

Alright, that’s it and the update. I can’t wait to see what comes in the December box, and to finish the rest of my 2020 set up which I will be sharing with y’all soon.

Stay tuned for more.

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