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Self -Exploration Series pt 1

As part of my year of 25 journey, and as I have entered into a phase of self- exploration, and with the goal of trying one new thing a month, I joined a book club. You can read more about my year of 25 journey and my commitment to want to try one new thing a month, here and here.

One of the things that has been missing in my post-grad life is intellectual stimulation. Since graduating, my life at times can be really boring and I am feeling the boredom. A thing about me is that I am not good at being bored.

Anyway, reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Ever since I was little, I have always been one of those long book list people, always carried a book I was reading type. I have a small bookshelf that is overflowing with books, and it reading has always bring me happiness and joy.

Until College.

Academic reading, made joy reading, or reading for pleasure a thing of the past. Seriously, trying to focus on any type of book that wasn’t academic became for the first time ever incredibly difficult.

I found that as college and graduate school went on that I could only read certain books. They were either non-fiction books with topics that I happened to be interested in or, they were books in a series, that kept my interest because I had already been established with the characters. Overall there wasn’t much space for anything new.

Fast forward to the post-grad life, and I have a lot of free time, and suddenly have the time to read. I’m finding that reading while still a love of mine, is still a hard task for me. I am still so used to that academic mindset that I am struggling in this academically free environment.

So the first thing I decided to do for my self-exploration was to join a book club!

I saw a book club being advertised on the Facebook page of one of the local coffee shops. Now this whole experience was a stretch for me because the local coffee shop, isn't my local coffee shop where I like to spend my time and get my lattes. I would be with a whole new group of people, and the books that were on the list are so not the books I would have chosen for myself.

The book club experience was interesting and it was sort of boring. I was expecting a little bit more entertainment or at least for introductions to have been made but that didn’t happen. The girls running it seemed to be more than a little preoccupied with drinking their bear the running the club. My experiences were more than a little awkward, and I was left unsure if I was going to return.

But for the moment, and to stay committed to the goal of self-exploration, I decided to give it one more month. If the next meeting leaves me with the same feelings, I won’t return.

The book club is reading Daisy Jones in the Six. (If you want my thoughts on the book, let me know over on Instagram and I’ll make a post about it.)

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