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Self-Care Sundays - Journal Prompt

Self - Care plays such a big role in my life and should play a big role in everyone’s life. After having the busiest week at work that I have ever had, made me realize how important it is. That and the fact that it’s now a new month, and there are new, exciting energies in the world, means its time for even more. One of my favorite forms of self-care is reflection through the use of a journal.

So with those two intentions, a new month and the need for some care after a busy week,

Here is a journal prompt that I have been using for myself over the last few days :

How have I been working on my goals over the last month?,The last week?

How did I experience this last week?

Did I miss anything?

What feel to the wayside?

How can I get back on track?

How have I been behaving?

Do I like the ways in which I have been behaving?

What changes to do I need to make?

What do I want to accomplish this week?

What steps to do I need to take to do so?

How do I want to feel this week?

What can I do to ensure this feeling?

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