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Self Care Sunday - Septemeber 2020- Monthly Reflection

Can you guys believe that Septemeber is almost over? Turly, each day seems to be over faster and faster and each day things are quickly over. While the days draw closer and closer and to a close, I have been thinking alot about choice and the lyrics from a gospel song have been traveling around my head "for a sain is just a sinner who fell down and got back up again." Now I don't know if those are the correct lyrics, but that's how I have been hearing over and over again in my head. Now, eventhough this is supposed to be a end of the month reflection prompt, I can't help but be somewhat inspired by these thoughts, and hence that is the cost of some of the rambling.

Anyway lets get into these reflection questions.

Self-Care Sunday- September 2020- Monthly Reflection

1 Have you fallen down this month? Did you get back up?

2 Conisder your choices for this past month, how would you rate them?

3. How did Septemeber treat you?

4. What are you think about for October?

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