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Self-Care Sunday Septemeber 2020- Monthly Intention

Ah, a new month. A month that is associated with fall. Fall scents and fall colors. Doesn't September just make you think of the color orange, pumpkins, leaves, and spice scents? Anyway as always for me a new month means new reflections and new intentions to set up for a brand new month.

So without too much ramble, I will get into this month's first set of journal prompt questions.

Self-Care Sunday, September 2020- Monthly Intention

  1. What type of energies have you been maintaining? Why?

  2. What types of vibes are the people around you putting out? Are these good for you?

  3. What feelings, situations, or things do you need to put out on the line this month?

  4. What do you need for this month?

  5. My Intention for September is _________

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