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Self Care Sunday- Monthy Intention -February 2020

January 2020, the month that went on forever. For some, January 2020 was an incredibly painful month, if the internet is to be believed, but I like to think of January as a transformative month. The theme of transformation, and tides of change, played such a big role for me last month that the first question of this month reflects the need to reflect on those transformations.

So as we finally are able to close the door on January 2020, and open the door to February 2020, its time to take some time and set an intention for the month. As February is the month of love, I think it's important to take some time and reflect on the way that love shows up for us, and the ways in which we show love. If the universe is anything, it is definitely a boomerang and it is good to know what we are putting out these because ultimately that's what comes back to us.

Anyway, before this intention turns more into a reflection for me, here is your self-care Sunday.

Self Care Sunday- Monthly Intention February 2020

1. What lessons are you taking from January and bringing into February? To the rest of 2020?

2. What do you want to accomplish this month?

3. How do you want to feel this month?

4. How would you like for love to show up for you this month?

5. How will you show love this month?

6. What is your intention for this month?

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