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Self-Care Sunday Monthly Reflection - February 2020

Is it just me or has February flown by this year? February has the tendency to fly by because of the lack of days, but this year it seems to have gone by so much faster. Well if the month has been fast or not, February 2020 is coming to an end and March is creeping upon us. So with that, you know what time it is.

Self-Care Sunday - February 2020- Monthly Reflection

1. What is the one word that would summarize February 2020 for you?, Why?

2. What did you accomplish this month? What were you unable to accomplish this month?

3. As the month draws to a close how are you feeling this month? How did your feelings change or not change throughout the month?

4. What role did love play for you this month? How did love show up for you? How did you give love?

5. Did your intention for the month manifest for you or not?

6. What did you gain this month that you are taking with you into March and into 2020?

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