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Self Care Sunday-Monthly Reflection: December 2019

It's that time of the month again!

It's self-care Sunday! Not only is this the last self-care Sunday of the month, and therefore time for our monthly reflection, it is also the last self-care Sunday of the year. So like in the beginning of the month, some of the reflection questions will also pertain to the year ending.

With that.....

Self-Care Sunday Monthy Reflection - December 2019

1. How did December treat you?

2. What energy or vibe did you experience the most this month? Why? What energy or vibe would you have liked to experience more this month? Why?

3. Did you stick to your intention for the month?

4. What have you been able to discover or process about yourself from this month? From this year?

5. Was this month successful for you? Why or why not? What put this month over the edge to be deemed successful in your book?

6. How is your year wrapping up? Have you done anything this month to set your self up for 2020?

7. What needs to happen for you to be able to set yourself up for a successful 2020?

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