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Self Care Sunday - Mid-Month Check-In January 2020

It's crazy how fast time goes. It seems like yesterday 2020 was beginning and now we are at the mid-month point for January. As always it is so important to take a few moments when life is rushing by to take some time and reflect.

An important theme for the month is new beginnings and renewal, which I think was reflected in the monthly intention for this month, so this reflection will build on that. Another theme that I want to add to the mid-month check-in is happiness and health as those two themes have shown up strongly in my life over the last few weeks.

Anyway without further ado...

Self Care Sunday - Mid Month Check-In January 2020

1. Have you figured out your purpose for this month? If so how have you been or not been working towards that purpose during the month?

2. How will this month affect the rest of your year?

3. Have you worked towards or lived up to the intention that you have set for the month? If not what needs to happen in order to get you towards that intention?

4. What emotion is showing up for you this month?

5. Are you learning any lessons this month?

6. How is your overall happiness, health (mental and physical), and wellness this month?

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