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Self-Care Sunday- Mid Month Check-In- February 2020

February is racing by and it has been a fast action-packed month. (At least for me.) So as the month of love races to a close, its time to take a moment and reflect not only on all that has happened thus far but also on where we are compared to where we wanted to be at the beginning of the month.

So without further ramble...

Self - Care Sunday - February 2020 - Mid Month Check-In

1. How has February 2020 treated you to this point? 2. Have you accomplished all that you’ve wanted this month? 3. How are you feeling this month, is it similar to how you wanted to feel, or not? Why? 4. Did love show up for you yet this month? How? 5. Have you shown love this month? How? 6. How has your intention for this month manifested in the month so far?

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