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Self Care Sunday- Mid Month Check-In- April 2020

So April is whizzing by. Seriously, it definitely feels like the fastest moving month of 2020 so far for me. Is it like that for you? Anyway as April rushes to a close, its time to take a moment and see where we are at during this part of the month. Take a moment to reflect on how we feel, before gearing up and getting ready for May. So we will keep it short, sweet, and enter right into the next journal prompt.

April 2020 - Mid Month Check-In

1. How are you? (I'm serious, how are you in this moment, write that)

2. Has what you envisioned for yourself for this month come true? Or is it still a vision?

3. How has your intention for the month played out so far?

4. What are you most proud of at this point in the month?

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