• Zuhri

Self-Care Sunday - Mid Month Check-In

Can y'all believe that August is almost over already? I can't with how fast everything is moving and that summer is almost over and we have been stuck inside...I had so many plans for the summer that haven't been able to pan out its so disappointing.


We are not here to talk about that today. Today is another self-care Sunday day and time for another journal prompt. I think we are going to go a little deeper today with the line of questions than I would normally go and with that, let's get into the prompt.

Self-Care Sunday- August 2020- Mid Month Check-In

  1. Where have your thoughts been lingering this month?

  2. What changes are you feeling lately?

  3. What have you gained this month?

  4. How have your intentions played out this month so far?

  5. How are you planning to wrap up August 2020?

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