• Zuhri

Self Care Sunday - Mid Month Check-In

Alright so its Self- Care Sunday again! We are half-way through the month of October, and the cold air and weather is starting to settle in. It's can always be harder to take time to reflect and gain clarity during the mid-month time compared to the beginning or end of the month. With that being said, here is the Mid-Month Reflection for the month of October, and hopefully it can help you to take a moment, gain some rest and some clarity to take you through the rest of the month.

1. How has your month been going?

2. What has gone right for you this month so far?

3. What has gone wrong for you this month so far?

4. Have you been able to let go of what or who has been lingering from your past?

5. Has anything been overshadowing your life this month?

6. Is there something lingering from the beginning of the month, that you are taking with you?

7. What do you need, in order to get through the rest of the month?

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