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Self-Care Sunday: May 2020 - Monthly Review

May has seemed to be chugging along in a slow cruise, especially compared to the months of April and May for me. It has been a month that has seemed to go on and on but nonetheless has been interesting. Full of growth, full of space from others, full of connections only through a phone. For me, a month of reading as well. If you are into books you can check out my book review posts.

As always, I could ramble and ramble on and on. So without further ado, let's take a moment and reflect on the month that has just happened and prepare for the month that is ahead.

Self-Care Sunday: May 2020 - Monthly Review

1. How did May treat you?

2. Where you able to complete your goal for the month? What made it possible/impossible to complete?

3. Overall, what feelings did you cultivate the most this month?

4. What is the status of your peace?

5. How are you setting yourself up for June?

6. What do you need from June?

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