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Self -Care Sunday: May 2020 - Mid Month Check-In

The end of another month is quickly approaching, and what an interesting month in an interesting year it's been. As always, I am a proponent of taking a moment or two to reflect and focus on ourselves in a world that is always pushing us to focus on others. So I won't ramble any further. That's the facts, its time for another moment to check in with the inside. Without further ado....

Self-Care Sunday: May 2020- Mid Month Check-In

  1. How are you doing on your goal for the month? Where you able to set one and stick to it, or not?

  2. Has this month been a success for you so far? If not what needs to change for you?

  3. What feelings have you cultivated this month? Nurtured for yourself this month?

  4. Have you been able to maintain peace for yourself this month?

  5. What do you need in order to power through the rest of this month, and set up for June?

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