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Self Care Sunday - March 2020 - Monthly Intention

Ive been thining about a phrase from childhood. I remeber hearing it in school it said "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." A phrase that related to learning about weather and things like that. Anyway, as I think about this phrase, it beomes a good babsis for self-care sunday this month.

So without further ramble...

Self-Care Sunday - February 2020- Monthly Reflection

1. How are you coming into March, like a lion or a lamb?

2. What type of lion are you coming into March as, what type of lamb?

3. What do you need to show up this month?

4. In what mental space will you find yourself on March 31st?

5. What do you need to accomplsih this month?

6. What is your intention for March?

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