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Self-Care Sunday March 2020 - Mid Month Check In

.It's Self-Care Sunday!

Originally, I had a different intro and a different set of questions for our mid-month check-in. But with all of the things going on in the world, I knew what I wrote previously would not suffice. Self-care is always important but in times like these, self-care is all we have. When t.v., the internet, and our friends and families are shoving conspiracy theories or bad news down our throats, it becomes clear that it is time to take a moment and reflect. Take a movement to participate in self-care Sunday. The questions for the mid-month check-in our a mix of our standard self-care questions and questions that reflect the times.

So without further ramble. Stay safe and take a moment to reflect.

Self Care Sunday - March 2020- Mid Month Check-In

1. What word would you use to describe your March so far?

2. What feelings are in your heart, in your spirit this month?

3. How have you shown up for yourself this month? How have you shown up for others?

4. How are you protecting yourself in these moments?

5. What do you need in order to keep a safe mental space?

6. What is the status of your intention for the month?

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