• Zuhri

Self-Care Sunday - June 2020 - Mid Month Check-In

Can someone slow down the month of June? Every month of this year has seemed to rush by, but it seems June is trying to outrace them all. So as June draws near and nearer to its ever speedy end, its time to take a moment and reflect on the month so far and figure out a way to draw it to a nice and comfortable close.

Self-Care Sunday - June 2020 - Mid Month Check-In

1. How have you been managing what you are and aren't taking in?

2. How was June treated you so far? Have you treated yourself this month?

3. Have you figured out what you wanted to cultivate this month? Have you been able to cultivate it?

4. What have you done with what was lingering?

5. What needs to happen by the end of June?

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