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Self Care Sunday - July 2020 - Monthly Intention

It's July! The month of June has come and gone and now July has crept up upon us so it's time to set an intention for this month and take a moment to do some self-care. It's July! And July is my favorite month out of the year because it is peak summer and its the month of my birth which always causes me to be a little more introspective than usual. So with that, I think this month's self-care Sunday journal prompts may be a little more personal than that. So without that heads up and without further ado...

Self-Care Sunday - July 2020- Monthly Intention

1. What have you been discovering about yourself?

2. What do you need to cultivate this month?

3. What is your evaluation of the year so far?

4. What is missing in your life?

5. My intention for July is :

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