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Self-Care Sunday- December 2019 Mid Month Check-In

It's Mid- Month! Which means it's time for the December 2019, Mid Month Check-In! December is quickly wrapping up and we are speeding into the holiday season, so it is even more important to take a little time for yourself and reflect on things while life is so busy.

Similar to the December Intention, this one is mainly focused on this month but does have a few elements that look towards reflection on the year overall.

December 2019 - Mid Month Check-In

1. How is your December treating you? 2. Have you discovered or rediscovered anything about your self this month? 3. Have your vibes or energies changed so far this month? If they have, how? Why? If they haven’t how? Why? Do they need to change? 4.As the month continues to end, have you been able to discover and process any lingering feelings from that have been carrying over from past months? 5. Have you worked towards a goal this month? 6. What needs to happen with the rest of the month in order for you to consider this month successful?  In order to determine that the rest of the year is successful?

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