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Reading is my Self-Care

I talk a lot about self-care.

Obviously, Self-Care is something that I find ng essential to living a good life and it is a practice that I hold in high esteem. I do like to talk about unconventional forms of self-care aka forms of self-care that don't involve bath bombs or journaling. (No matter how much I love journaling!) So as the second post in that series with a similar theme, Reading is my self-care. (See the first post fashion is my self-care here.)

Anyway, reading always brought me a silent joy ever since I was a little girl, and the smell of a bookstore and a brand new book has always been a personal high. There is nothing that I am more sure of than the fact that I was born for books.

So before I go to far down memory lane, as written books have always brought me a slient joy and have been a source of relaxation for me. Anyway, for awhile I was pretty from reading. The amount of reading that had to be done for college and grad school, but the idea of pleasure reading behind me. Plus, I had a bit of a book crisis and had to rediscover myself as a reader. One of the main ways that I have been able to do this, is through joining a book club.

Because of book club, I have been able to rediscover the joy in reading and reading as become a form of self-care for me again. Nothing as meant more to be than, this.

I suppose the point of this long, rambly, kind of random, with a dash of getting to know you post is this. Finding your forms of self-care is important and something that you need to do in order to live a mentally healthy life. Self-care does not have to look like the way it has branded to look and can come in plenty of unconventional forms. Reading is a form of my self-care, and if you are trying to discover a form of self-care for you, take a look at the things that brought you joy as a child before life got in the way.

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