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On Short Term Goals

We all have these grand ideas about what life looks like, or rather what we would like life to look like. These huge grand ideas are easy to envision but can be hard to actually achieve. Sometimes they become so hard to achieve that these visions and ideals turn into dreams. Not only do they turn into dreams, but they turn into dreams that get lost during the hassle, shuffle, and bustle of everyday life.

So how do we turn our dreams into reality? How does the grand idea become a grand reality before getting locked within our heads forever? There is one clear way to do this, and that is by setting goals. By setting goals you can begin the process of turning the dream or ideal into a reality that is achievable. Without beginning this process it is easy to lose the dream not only in daily life stuff like work, but also by the universe taking it from you by throwing other things at you. These other things become the focus and tackling them becomes all that you can really do. Which is why setting goals becomes so important. While the day to day attempts to distract you, having goals allows you to keep focused on the process of turning your dreams into a reality.

The first step is doing this is the ability to turn the dream, vision, or ideal into a short, simple, sentence or want. At the root, this is the most basic form of a goal, and is better known as a long term goal.

I think that when it comes to setting goals and being able to achieve these goals, this is where people can get suck. Having a long term goal that is simple and understandable is a great first step, but it is so important to not get stuck here. Getting stuck here means that you will either be unable to achieve your goals, or it won’t happen in a timely manner or as soon as you would want it too. That is where the importance of short term goals comes in, which is also the main idea of this post.

Short term goals are important because they are what allows you to achieve your long term goals. By breaking your long term goals into achievable, time sensitive, and realistic steps you are able to work towards your long term goal in away that gives you incentives for completing one step and inspires you to go onto the next. Therefore, achieving a short term goal can be the boost you need when life gets to be a little bit too much and when it seems like your long term goal is further away than ever.

So what makes a short term goal? What are the parts that not only make one up, but why are these steps so important?

There are lots of goal formats out there, but I think a personal goal for yourself (like the ones we are talking about here), don’t have to be so formal, and are made up of two basic parts. They are time sensitivity and realism.

By time sensitive, I mean that the short term goal should take no longer than one month to two months tops to complete. If you think that I will take longer than that, then feel free to break the short term goal up into two or three smaller short term goals. The time sensitivity has to be a factor not only because it brings momentum to the goal overall but also, if it takes too long to achieve it becomes easier to burn out and let go of the goal. Also, as our lives get busier and busier, the shorter time allows less space to achieve the goal compared to letting it drag out and then pushing it further and further away do to life stuff.

By realism, I mean that the goal must be realistic to you and for your life style. You know the types of things that you will and won’t do as well as the things you can’t and can do. Likewise, only you know what your schedule is like and what your day to day demands are. Therefore, when setting your short term goals, and setting a time date you have to be realistic for your life, even if it is hard to do so and it looks like it will take a little longer to achieve the goal than you'd like.

This requires some honesty with yourself.

In the end, when it comes to making achieving what we really want out of life and begin to live our best lives, short term goals are essential. They give us the momentum and energy to make everything turn out just right. The most important parts of making short term goals being time sensitivity and realism. Remembering these two things when setting goals will have you achieving your goals and dreams becoming reality in no time.

Happy goal setting!

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