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On Pivotal Moments

There are these moments in life that like to think of as pivotal moments. Pivotal moments are those in which when you reflect on life, you know that these moments set your path. The types of moments where the road of life is forked, and a choice must be made.

When these moments are happening, you don’t know that something pivotal is happening. Sometimes the moment may feel important or have a sense of foreboding, but they could also feel like another day, another hour, of time passing by.

But these moments can mean so much, maybe even everything, and when we are in them, we don’t even know it.

The hard part about these moments is once the pass. Once these moments pass you may think to yourself, “that was my chance”. “If only I had done this or that.” If you are lucky you can look back, beaming with pride and be able to say, “that’s what started my life.” In this comparison lies the dark side of pivotal moments and the darker side of not knowing if we are experiencing them or not at the time. A “wrong” decision during a pivotal moment can lead to an experience of regret. An experience that includes all sorts of feelings and situations.

So I’d argue that perhaps there is light and life in living each day as if it is a pivotal moment. Honoring and veneering each decision as if it will be the difference between light and dark, because maybe it will be. Likewise living this way opens the door for other important life experiences like risk, chance, and change.

But let's be real here. As positive an impact that living this way may be on our lives, we still won’t always choose what's right in the moment. We still may look back and feel those tinges of regret trying to bloom within our hearts. The thing is when this happens, I think that living this way, in which each choice is embraced and considered carefully, looking back won’t be so hard. That maybe we would be able to say, “Hey. Look I took it as it was and made the best decision that I could.” Perhaps, maybe then the tinges of regret would be a little less.

Life will, alongside our old friend the universe, present us with many moments. Some will be pivotal at various strengths and intensities but the only way not to grow, and to regret, and wail at these moments is to embrace them. Embrace all of the moments with honor and reverence. Treat all like they may make or break your life.

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