• Zuhri

On Negative Emotions

So negative emotions suck. They can make you feel icky, or like your whole world is falling apart, or even like you have to fight everyone who has ever wronged you in some sort of one-by-one ally smackdown.

But they are just as much a part of life as the emotions that can make you feel exhilarated. The ones that make you feel strong and powerful, and ready to take on anything. The ones that relax you and leave you with feelings of happiness and completeness. As such we we should never ignore the negative emotions when trying to make positivity a goal nor should we ignore them with attempts to shove down the negative emotions in order to create some sense of and a show of “it’s not bothering me.” Even if it is.

So here's the thing. Negative emotions are just as much of a part of life as the positive ones, and I know that I have written about negative emotions in quite a few posts. A quick search with my blog posts you will be able to find that out, and if you keep up with my posts you already have seen those posts.

To be real and to be honest, we have to not only be able to acknowledge the negative emotions of life, but we have to go through them in order to grow.

This post is just a little reminder to do that and to grow from the negative emotions.

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