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My Socialworkavery

May is my social workaversy month. I know that's a silly phrase, but I like to think of the month of May as my social work anniversary month. I consider May to be my social work anniversary month, because, in my 2019, I finished social work school and did the whole graduation thing.

So in honor of my socialworkavery, I will be sharing my social work journey with you, and talk about the types of social work that I have worked in (during the year I have been a social worker).

Starting with my social work journey. I did not set out to become a social worker like most people who end up in the field do. I sort of fell into social work in a way that made things seem like they were chosen for or set out for me versus a conscious choice of my own. My academic career was spent first in the hard sciences I wanted to be neuroscientist or geneticists, before falling in love psychology. While working on my psychology degree I found joy in research and in practice as I had an internship filled with shadowing at a Drug and Alcohol outpatient center. Originally I wanted to do a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, but I didn't have the CV needed to be competitive for that kind of program. So I talked with a professor that I looked up to, that knew a lot about these fields and expressed my desire to mainly work as a therapist. This conversation lead me to social work and was the beginning of my journey within the field.

So from there, I went to graduate school. Which my social work graduate school experience is a story in and of itself, and will be its own blog post, along with my year of work experiences in 3 very distinct versions of social work including community social work, therapy work, and medical social work. So stay tuned for those future posts about my journey.

With all of that introduced and stated. Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go into social work that doesn't include "wanting to help people."

1. I wanted to be a therapist.

2. I realized that psychology wasn't going to work out and I needed to pivot.

3. I wanted to be able to work and not be in school forever

4. I wanted a career where I could change my mind, and still be able to work in the same field. Something with a lot of diversity.

So that's me and that's a bit of my socialworkavery journey. Stay tuned throughout the month of May for more.

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