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My Love of the Golden Girls

I love the Golden Girls.

Seriously, I love the Golden Girls. I have seen the complete series all the way through from start to finish twice, and have seen individual episodes by themselves countless times. Everyone has those sort of comfort go to shows that you can watch over and over again because they are just that good and just that comforting, and the Golden Girls are that for me.

I love the humor of the Golden Girls and I love the way that the portray friendship as well. But mostly I'm in it for the savage humor. I think that I have a savage sense of humor like they do in the show, and I believe wholeheartedly, that my mom and I have a similar relationship to Dorthy and Sophia. The other reason I like the Golden Girls is because of the way it portrays aging. It serves as an inspiration for life the in future. SHowing that you can be fabulous and every stage of your life and have a kick-ass girl group.

The Golden Girls are goals and is full of life advice and wisdom.

Let me know what you think about the Golden Girls over on the lifeintheoutland Instagram. Let me know which show is the one that you can watch over and over again.

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