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My Goal Achievement System

Achieving my goals and being about my stuff has become incredibly important to me. Because of the importance of goal attainment, and its role in the year of 25 processes, I have designed and implemented a goal achievement system for myself.

My system involves a notebook, note pad sheets, and of course my planner.

First here is my goal achievement system.

I start with writing in my goal notebook, I break down my larger goals into smaller more manageable pieces that are time-sensitive. If you missed my post on breaking down your goals in this way and details on short-term goals in general you cant check it out here and here.

Once I think that enough smaller goal pieces are written out with timelines and deadlines, I stop. For me this doesn't mean that I stop with the goal, it just means that this is all that I can plan out for right now. For other goals it may mean the stop.

On smaller note pad paper, my favorites are from cloth and paper and with these ones I write for the week which goals have deadlines that week, and paper clip them into the pages of my planner. That way, I know what things I have to work to spend time on and accomplish that week.

Once a smaller part of the smaller goal, is accomplished, I go back into the goal notebook and highlight the step.

This is helping me know what I have to do and helping me hold myself accountable to my overarching bigger goals. It also helps me know when its time to give my self a little celebratory treat. Celebrating along the way is just as important as the celebration at the end.

Second, how is the system working for me?

So far? Great! It has allowed me to accomplish more parts faster than just having things in my mind, and for me, as I know it is for others being able to check something off of a list is an awesome feeling. Plus it's a great reminder to treat myself. Plus small gifts are a great bit of self-care for myself, so two rewards and self-building things within one process. After all, I should be able to buy myself a little present and everything.

Third what adjustments have been needed…

So one of the biggest things that I have to do re-evaluate and give myself new deadlines. Allowing the space for small adjustments to be made because as much as it sucks to fall behind on my goals, life can get in the way. When it does, space has to be there to make adjustments without having a total meltdown.

Currently, when adjustments have to be made, I take my goal notebook, and white out the old date and write in the new one. Or when I have to reevaluate a small goal within my goals I take a sticky note and cover it up with notes written on it. As of now, this seems to be working out for me. That’s the one thing about goals, when writing them down for the first time, its hard to assess with the steps are going to be so the room has to be there for them to be reworked with new information as the process goes on.

A completed Goal Page in my notebook looks like this :

A Goal in progress looks like this :

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