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Meet Me!

To kick off this blogtober with my first official post, I decided a great way to start would be with a meet me. The Zuhri who is behind, lifeintheoutland. Other than a few pictures here and there, I don’t write that much or that often about me as a person.

So if you have been curious, here goes, and if not well, here goes as well.

So Hey!

I’m Zuhri, just your average bookworm/writer child who grew up to become a social worker, and who needed an outlet post-break up a year or so ago and decided to start a blog. The original blog, that I started last year was a way for me to release all of those painful feelings that surround a breakup, and as a way to express myself and thoughts, in an attempt to help others. That was my intention anyway. That blog never took off and after a few months, I stopped writing for ti and that's okay. To circle around and wallow in that sadness, would not have been good to me long term, and plus I had to focus on finishing grad school.

I did finish grad school, and I found myself back in my hometown, which didn't seem to change at all, and without a job and without anything to do, I decided to focus on an old love of mine, writing.

I started writing short stories and novels at about 7, and as most moody teenagers do drifted into poetry around 14, and then college and grad school took up so much time that storytelling writing stopped. At that point I was only really keeping a journal as a form of self care. So armed with a desire to write, a new shiny social work degree, and time on my hands, I decided to revamp my blog to what you see today. Go with the logo and color scheme, the whole nine yards, because if I wanted to do it, I decided I wanted to do it right.

I decided to focus on the themes of life tips and essays that make you think, mainly because I feel like I gave so much advice out anyway, that I might as well type it up and post it. Plus, I think about so many of these topics all day anyway, inherently, that everything just came together the right way. The added stuff of fashion and journal prompts came as second nature because those are two of the main ways that I interact with myself and the world so it should be no surprise that they made their way to my blog.

Outside of why I decided to start this whole thing, and wander down the lifeintheoutland path. I am a 25-year-old woman, who is having a love affair with the color pink. I have an obsession with stationery and planner supplies. I am a huge nerd for the most random things, and most of all, just a twenty-something trying to make sense of life outside of academia. A creative spirit who found a new form of creativity, and a writer who just wants to write.

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