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May 2020 Book Round-Up

Another month comes to a close and that means another month full of books and reading. May was a book of reading joy for me. So much of what I read was books that brought me joy and peace to read them. Books filled with rich and lush descriptions. Books filled with characters whom I loved, didn't love, and ones that I was bored by. This month, I read a total of 6 books. 5 books of fiction and 1 poetry book. Compared to my April Book Round up which can be found here, I think that I had much more variation in the ways that I rated the books. As of the end of the month, I am at 22/50 books for the year. (Which according to Goodreads, puts me at two books ahead of schedule.)

Anyway this month I read The Paris Hours by Alex George, Beach Read by Emily Henry, The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kid, After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid, A Fire Like you by Upile Chisala, and So We Can Glow by Lessa Cross-Smith. Interestingly enough 3 of the 6 books were from Book of the Month, which I am really glad that I took the time to join and has increased my reading. Which is totally a good thing if I am going to make my way to 50 books by the end of the year.

5 Star Books

Beach Read and So We Can Glow

For the month of May I had two 5 star books. Beach Read by Emily Henery and So We Can Glow by Lessa Cross-Smith. I loved Beach Read because of the adorable romance between the two main characters. I enjoyed the way that they interacted together and the way that the romance seemed to realistic. The push and pull between the two characters were great. So We Can Glow, is the other 5 star read of me for the month of May. The lush, richly descriptive, and realistic stories of the women whose lives are told in this book of short stories was everything. I am now a new fan of Lessa Cross-Smith.

4 Star Books

A Fire Like You

For the month of May, I had only one 4 star book, A Fire Like You by Upile Chisala. A Fire Like You was the first book of poetry that I have read in a while and I enjoyed it. The poems were rich and relatable and reimagined for me my joy of poetry.

3 Star-ish Books

After I do, The Paris Hours, and The Book of Longings

For the month of May I have 3 books that fall into the 3ish star category. Unlike April, where most of my ratings where cut and dry, for these books I varied in my star ratings a little bit more than usual. The only solid 3-star book for me was The Paris Hours by Alex George. I liked the descriptions of the Paris Hours, it really made me feel like I was transported into 1920s Paris while reading the book. But I didn't care so much for the plot. The plot is why this book is sol lowly rated for me. Next up, would be After I do, by Taylor Jenkins Reid which I rated at 3.5 stars. As always, I enjoyed Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing style and musings about life and marriage. However, I found the two main characters in this story to be a little bit boring. The ending was also quite on the typical side. The last book in the 3ish category would be The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kid. This was a pretty solid book for me, but I didn't think it lived up to the main selling plot point of it is a story of Jesus's feminist wife. I could go on and on about my issues with this book, but I think it would be easier to see the original review.

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