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Keeping the Patience

They say that Patience is a virtue. You always hear the phrase "You Gotta have Patience." But let's be real here, the patience well is only so deep, and that is a well that can run dry. Dry af.

Now originally when thinking up this posts, I was thinking about and reflection on my own work experiences, (more about that later), but really I think that the idea of keeping the patience and trying to maintian it when the well is dry af, can apply to all of us.

So here are 3 of my best tips for keeping the patience. These come from my experience of dealing with difficult clients, and a less than perfect work environment.

1. Lower your expectations - One of the things that I realized was that my expectations for other people were too high. The clients I was working with, my co-workers, my work environment, could not and would not live up to the expectations that I had set in my head based on past experiences and ideals. The easiest way to keep my patience was to lower my expectations low enough to the point that I expected nothing from anyone.

2. Focus on what you can control- It took some time but I realized that most of the things in my environment that were causing me to lose patience, were out of my control. No more could I worry about this behavior, or that thing missing. I can and now do only focus on what I can control and what I can do better. The rest is not for me to worry about.

3. Do your salary - We live in this age where employeers are paying us less and less but expecting more and more. This is especially true in the non-profit realm, where everyone tends to do the jobs of two or three people, and then some. When more and more tasks and clients are being squeezed into an 8 hour day. But here's the thing, no one is a super person. None of us can do all and be all, and be healthy and patience at the same time. So do your salary, only do what is covered in your job description and it to the best of your abilities. No more, no less, no attempting to be superhuman, no adding on tasks, unless bumps in income come with that. It is easier to be patience, when you are not spread thin.

For me, these three tips have been serving me well. By adopting these practices into my everyday work, I have found that I don't lose my patience as much. I find the my well of patience is able to replenish itself enough that, I don't lose it altogether. Hopefully, these tips can serve just as useful to you when it comes to trying to maintain patience.

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