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Is the Problem you?

Seriously. The title is as much of a question as it is a title.

So is the problem you?

There are times in life and situations in which, I think this becomes an important question to consider within yourself, for yourself in order to make necessary life changes. It can be a question of confrontation and can be a little bit of an ego blow.

So is the problem you?

Times that you should ask yourself this question are times in which your life seems stuck. When you feel like you aren't going anywhere or feel like you can't go anywhere. It's a question to ask yourself when you are finding that the same situation is repeating itself within your life.

For example are you finding in your life that no matter where you work, your co-workers annoy you in the exact same way? Are you finding yourself clash with the same personality type over and over again? Or are you constantly struggling with friendships? Are you struggling with the same personality types? Do you feel like no one can relate to you? Are you finding your self giving and giving to others and not getting that same treatment in return? Are you externalizing every problem that you have? Is the root of every problem or negative situation someone else, or the universe or whatever entity the case maybe?

If so, its time to ask: Is the problem you?

Here's the main secret about that too. If its the first time you have ever asked yourself, if you are the problem in your life, it can be a crushing experience. It can be painful, and you may not want to admit it to yourself, but

it's okay if you are the problem.

It's okay if you determine that you are the problem with your own life. It's okay if the answer to the question is yes. The first step in making positive change, and injecting new energy into your life is taking that yes and doing something with it, instead of wallowing or to continue to externalize your situations.

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