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How to Balance Work and Poshmark

Poshmark is a job in an of itself.

Seriously, I can see how people can dedicate their whole lives or a whole second job being a poshmark seller. For the people who can do this, good for them and props off to them. For the rest of us those, and for all of the people out there like me who have to many pieces of clothing, and are trying to get a couple of extra dollars on something, poshmark can easily begin to fall by the wayside. Life and work get into the way, and then you haven't shared an item on poshmark in days.

So here are my tips of balancing work and poshmark and what I do to keep my poshmark as active as possible with a busy life, busy workdays, and managing this blog.

1. Decided Weekend time - I take an hour or an hour and a half on the weekends, as dedicated poshmark time. So time in which I take pictures of new items that I want to put up and write up the descriptions.

2. Share and Follow - Anytime during the day that I see that other people have begun to follow me on postmark or are sharing my items, I make sure to follow them back and share some of their items as well. This way, even if I don't get to share my items or anything like that, other people will and that allows me to remain social and my items to still be able to get out there even if I cant do it for myself.

3. Posh Parties- Posh parties are a great time to get your items out there especially if they fit the theme. It quick, easy, and in between the workdays when I get the alert that a posh party is happening and I know that I have items that fit that theme, I try to immediately share. That way my items can still get out there, and my account stays active.

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