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How I choose what to sell on Poshmark

If you saw one of my blogtober posts, then you would know that I have a somewhat side hustle of reselling my unwanted clothes on poshmark. You can find that first post on poshmark here, but as I discussed there I am no big-time seller who knows all of the ins and outs, and overall I would say that I am more minor. At this point, I sell about one item a month, not so good, but work gets in the way of being on poshmark in the ways that I should.

Anyway.... After those rambles there, that is not what this post is about. So dollies, if you ever thought about becoming a poshmark seller, here are the two ways that I decide what clothes to sell on poshmark.

1. Clothing Selection - My clothing selection is always based on what I am not wearing anymore or not feeling anymore. I shop a lot and have a limited amount of space. So whenever I need more space I take the time to go over my wardrobe and see what doesn't fit anymore, what I don't wear anymore, what I haven't worn and what's not my style anymore. For any items that fit into those categories, I put these items to the side for further consideration.

2. Further Consideration - So once I have the items that I have for further consideration, I look at the labels, conditions, and if the items still have tags on them. (Yes, I shop so much that I have never worn items with tags still on them. It's a problem and a lifestyle.) First is the label, if it is a decent label, some sort of name brand, it can go into further consideration. After I look at the labels, I look at the condition. As long as the item is in good condition it can go further and eventually go up for sale. Automatically, if there is still tags on the item, it goes up for sale. Otherwise, I look to see that there are no loose threads, fading on the item, no crazy stretched out, stains look like that. If everything looks good, up for sale it goes.

Once I have the items, I take photos and write about the descriptions, and onto poshmark, the item goes.

Hopefully to sell sooner rather than later.

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