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Gratitude Practice

So a personal theme this month for me was to try to practice mindfulness, by recognizing what I am thankful for in my life. And I thought that I needed to do this, this month because I felt like negative emotions were taking over my life, affecting my outlook, and causing me stress.

Most of these emotions and feelings were caused from a mix of being unhappy with my job and where I am at in life right now, which are honest emotions and feelings, but are things that can change. Instead of focusing on those feelings, I decided instead to work on changing my mindset, which is why a theme of the month has been recognizing the good in my life as well as being thankful for things. If you have been following my self-care Sunday journal prompts during this month, you will see how that has popped up based on the line of questioning.

Anyway, for this month, I have started a practice of being able to recognize the good in my life, by writing in my planner each day at the end of the day one thing that I was thankful for, or what I was thankful for the most over the course of the day.

So as the month is closing out, I thought it would be cool to share this practice with y’all and it would serve as a way for me to be able to reflect on how doing this has made me feel or if it has changed my outlook in any way.

Here is my what my practice looks like :

Clearly, I am thankful for Eucalyptus, which is beyond true, and honestly, the Eucalyptus plugin that lives in my office is the only reason that I have made it through this month, without quitting my job.

Seriously, many a day of work left me looking like this

But as I reflect on this list now, it gives me the ability or perhaps the clarity to recognize those positive feelings from this past month, the good things that happened this month, the ways in which I am strong. Really, all of the positivity that has happened to me this month. As I look at the list as I write this post, the bad and the outright wild moments are fading away to memories of the way a fuzzy sweater felt on my body and the ways that I laughed and connected with physically distant friends this month take center stage.

With the way that I feel now and the ways that I felt at the end of the day when I wrote those feelings onto the page, I think it was a success. I think that this exercise has been enabled me to see the good of my life, instead of focusing on all of the things that I want to change or don’t like in my life. Obviously, as a human, these moments will still happen, but I think this practice serves as a way to counteract that.

With the way that this leaves me feeling, I think this is practice will continue into December and into my 2020 practice as well. Participating in this practice has been super helpful and healing for me.

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