Figure out Your Goals! (A quick guide to figure out and break down your goal)

Figuring out what are goals are is just as hard as achieving the goals themselves….


How can you achieve a goal, if you don’t even know what the goal is, (outside of a vague mental picture that is) Goals become even harder to think about, if you are living the post-grad life. Transitioning from a life where everything is already prescribed for us in a series, and the goal becomes, acing the next class, passing the next semester, getting into this program, to okay figure it out for yourself, can be a jarring experience. It means suddenly having a lot more to think about then maybe you ever have before. How can we achieve goals, when we are unsure of what they are or what they look like.

So how do you figure out what yours goals really are?

1. recognize what it is that you want to achieve. Now this may not always be clear. It could be a fuzzy picture of what you want your life to be, or it could be a feeling of how you want life to feel. It could be an ideal, that you are reaching for. You have to be able to look inside yourself and figure out what your pictures, feelings mean and be able to translate that into a simple sentence. The simple sentence shouldn’t be too long, shouldn’t have too many commas, and, or other symbols used to make sentences longer. It shouldn’t be too complicated or too detailed. While it can’t be too complicated or detailed, you don’t want it to be too vague either.

2. Break the simple sentence down into smaller achievable steps. To do this you need to think of every step that would need to be taken in order for you to reach your goal. What needs to be done first, second and third, fourth, etc. There can be as many steps as you want, but the steps have to be achievable for you and your needs as you are, not for who you want to be or who you pretend to be or who you think you are. Knowing yourself is important here and check out my previous post on short term goals here ( insert link)

3. Take the small achievable steps and make them time sensitive. It is imperative that the time sensitivity of these steps is no longer than 1-2 months. Any longer, especially around the 6 month mark and the goal becomes harder to achieve because of the introduction of the possibility to be lazy and for life interruptions.

4. Celebrate your achievements. Every time one of the smaller steps (short term goals) has been obtained, throw a celebration for yourself. Treat yourself, anything that makes you feel good and special for achieving one small step toward your goal. This is what will give you momentum to continue with the steps, when it seems like they are never going to end or when one step is causing a lot of problems to accomplish.

**Bonus : know when to split the small step or short term goal, into two or three smaller steps or short term goals. This makes them more achievable and lets you celebrate successes sooner. Before you know it the bigger smaller step that it was as been achieved. It’s about knowing when to split and how to split it. (this would tip would also work when a step is getting a bit sticky.)

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