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Fashion is my SelfCare

As a child, the first thing that I wanted to grow up to be was a fashion designer. I would spend hours drawing fashion designs. I would daydream about what my design office would look like, and named my line, fashion for passion.

But life had other plans for me of course, and my fashion dreams gave way to the career that I have now and while I love my career, I still carry that life long passion for fashion. And that life long passion is what I want to talk about today.

On this blog, I write a lot about self-care. And yes, self-care is always important but I want to explore other types of self-care and things that may be considered unconventional forms of self-care. As you can read from the title of this blog post and by the first paragraph.

Fashion is my self-care.

For me, fashion is so much more than clothing. It is so much more than designers, labels, which color is trendy this year, fashion is life. For me, fashion turns into something magical and something that when I am in the depths of depression or anxiety or low self-esteem can bring me back from the brink. There are times for me, where there is nothing greater than throwing on a cute outfit and looking at myself in the mirror. Fashion is what helps me remain body positive in a world that still has body ideals that most people will never meet naturally. Through fashion, I am able to become self-esteem booster for myself.

It may be unconventional, it may even be controversial to some, but for me, there is so much joy and simple pleasure in putting together outfits. Fashion is my self-care and that's okay.

Head over to the @lifeintheoutland Instagram and let me know what is your unconventional form of self-care is.

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