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Fall Fashion Continued

Obviously, I am not done talking about fall fashion yet. And since I am not finished with it yet, I'd like to share two more looks that I am excited to wear this fall, as the temps get a little lower, but not too low and dreaded snow starts to appear.

Outfit 1- Yellow Coat.

I love this look. I like the shortness of the dress, mixed with the over coat. The overcoat, is last year from Express, so it is not available anymore. The dress is from H&M and wihtout the coat has this fablous 60 vibe to it. because of the slight flare of the sleeve and mini dress length. It is hard to see in the picture but the dress also has a high neck. With or without the coat, this is an adorable look, and even better paird with thigh high boots.

You can find the dress here

Outfit 2- Express

The second outfit, goes to show that some stores just get certain seasons right, but can be off for others. Express is a prime example of this pehenomena. Express peices hit so right in the fall and winter, but in the summer can be a bit of a hotmess.

This outfit is totally inspired by the fashion youtubers I have been binge watching over the last few months, so it was only a matter of time before their infulence started reflecting in my looks.

Anyway for this outfit we are parting a turtle neck top and skirt. I love this turtle neck top, as turtle necks are usually hard for me to wear, but this one and this top is so supple and soft, and has enough space to be comfertable in the neck. It is paird with this plum plaid, ciricle skirt, that while remenicit of caltholic school days, is just as fantastic as the top. With the nice fabric, and just right length, that keep my legs looking looking, and don't cut them off as some circle skirts tend to do on me. This outfit, is accesorized by new Kate Spade bag. ANd if you aren't signed up for their emails, you need to be! Kate Spade has aamzing sales for their bags online, and there is now way you should have to pay full price if you don't want too. Afterall these bags once on sale can sometimes end up being under a hundred dollars. Like the one in this picture.

You can find the top here and the skirt here

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