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Fall Fashion

Ever since I was a little girl, one of the things that I have been passionate about is fashion. My passion for fashion is started young and I never have lost the passion for it. Fashion and clothes make me insanely happy and they always have. As far as I am concerned fashion is also part of my self care. Not necessarily buying new things but just reading about trends or watching youtube videos on it brings me joy as well as relaxes me.

With that said, here are some of my fall fashion flat lays! These are some of the exact outfits that I plan on wearing this fall.

Personally, I believe that looking good or even simply wearing an outfit that brings joy is the first step to self-confidence.

So Here are three Looks that I plan on wearing this fall. Outfit details will be included below:

Outfit 1 :

Outfit 1 - Off the Shoulder Dress

I love this off the shoulder dress! Its a cute for dinner or for dressing up or to just feel fancy in the day to day. Deep rich reds like this are always popular in the fall, and fall into the range of my favorite colors.

Snakeskin is one of this fall's most popular prints. Normally, snake print isn't a print that I would wear year after year, and while I wouldn't wear it in a clothing item, like a dress or a top, I love it as an accessory item. This snake skin bag is a way to represent the trend while out going off the deep end and dresses up what would be a plain dress. Another popular trend for this fall is the headband. It seems like the bigger and more obnoxious the better and I love it! For two reasons, with my typical hairstyles, I feel like I need something bold to stand out, and these trendy headbands do just the trick. Second, they make me feel like a princess, and whats better than that? This one from Zara, is covered in peals and bring a classier edge to the look. It can be found here.

The Dress is from Express and can be found here

The Bag is from Nordstrom and can be found here

Outfit 2

Outfit 2 - LBD

As the seasons change I love the sweater material swing dresses. This one has a lovely high neck detail, and a bit of an open back. This dress came from American Eagle, which is a classic store to be able to find pieces like this. The dress can be found here.

Again here is the same bag from Nordstrom and the same headband from Zara. This goes to show how versatile these two accessories are and how you can get two different looks with the same accessories and a different dress.

Wouldn't this outfit be adorable with tall boots?

Outfit 3

Outfit 3 - Jeans and a Tee

This is a classic fall outfit base that can be worn on its own, but is also ready for a layer. This could be a cardigan, a blazer, or even a plaid top.

To start, I love this cami top from American Eagle. It is made of a super soft knit and feels amazing on. I like this top so much I own it in two other colors! The top is cropped, and has a tendency to ride up so some skin will show. The Top can be found here.

As always, a classic fall wardrobe staple is denim. While the last few years most denim has fallen into the skinny jean category I was excited to find a flair jean! What makes this jean even better is the high-waist the fact that it comes with a tie belt. The moment I saw theseI knew I had to have them. As with most of my jeans, these jeans can be found at American Eagle and can be found here. *I was unable to find this exact pair so I've listed a similar pair here.*

Accessory wise, once again we see the snake skin bag from Nordstorm. This bag is clearly going to be a fall staple for me and it goes with everything! As for the other tend of headbands,I am showing an equally cute headband here. This one is also from Zara and is a deep purple color with a velvet material. This headband can be found here

This wraps up my fall fashion flat lay! Head over to the LifeintheOutland Instagram to let me know what you think about these outfits and how you will style your own clothes this fall. Let me know the role that fashion plays in your life while you are there!

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