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Dealing with Disappointment

So even though life is full of disappointments and we don't stop feeling disappointment once we start, adult life career disappointment has been hitting me hard lately.

I think in society we get sucked up and molded really into this idea that as long as you go to college get good half way decent grades, and do some internships along the way, that upon graduation a great job in your field, with a half way decent salary, will be bestowed upon you as a reward... but what happens when that's not the case. When the pre-subscribed life plan that you bought into as part of your generation ceases to be a reality? That's the thing about these pre-subscribed plans that society pushes into our heads from kindergarten on, they never work out the way they are supposed to. (But thats a post for another day)

So yeah, even though its still early in my career, the disappointment about where I am at is real. I think that it could be real for anybody, and is even more common place than people talk about or are even willing to admit.

With that, here are my tips for dealing with disappointment. (Mainly career disappointment here)

1. Deal with the disappointment

seriously, deal with it for what it is and take some time to consider what's missing and why it is so disappointing to not have that. Along with this, may come the experience of some grief or some tears, the loss of what never was. It's okay to deal with the disappointment by going through what it represents and means for you.

2. Distract, Distract, Distract

As an emotion, disappointment can be this big overwhelming time consuming emotion. It can suck up all your energy and cloud your judgement if you let it. The easiest way to deal with your disappointment may be to distract yourself from it. This is where all of the good things like hobbies, and self care tasks can come into play.

3. Plan

Make a plan of action that will help you with your needed career moves. Things make suck for you and your career right now, but that doesn't' mean that they can't get better. One of the ways to make sure they get better is to make a plan for it get better. Therefore break out that planner and get going!

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