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Cloth & Paper Review -Stationery Chronicles

So if you have read some of my previous posts, you would know that I have a love of not only planners, and notebooks, but with stationery products overall. Seriously, even in the age of computers, my love of notebooks, pens, sticky notes, folders, so on and so forth has no bounds. Before using a computer, I would always choose to use stationery products first, it's just how I am.

Earlier this year I found out about Cloth and Paper products on Instagram and I fell in love. Classic, timeless, professional stationery products that are high quality, meant that I was immediately hooked, and wanted to buy everything!

Instead of buying everything, I noticed that this store offers a montlyh subscription box that gives exclusive products. So for any stationery lovers in your life, it is the perfect gift for yourself or the paper lover in your life!

Anyway, I have been getting the subscription boxes since January, only missing a couple of boxes when I was out of work.

Today I am sharing the September box goodies with you, and I will let you know how I have been using them since their arrival.

First things first! I love how elegantly and prettily the boxes come wrapped with tissue paper and the sticker.

I should mention that this box was in collaboration with Ashely Jones Hatcher, a professional organizer, so some of the pieces are specifically for household organization, cleanouts, and things like that.

As for how I have been using these products. The little ring cards, I have used some of them as office decorations! Whenever I get cute little cards in my subscription boxes I have been making them into a collage. So they have been placed there.

The other product I have been getting really good use out of and is totally my favorite thing out of Septemeber's box. It is helping me so much at work as I have been getting busier and busier as of late as I step into two roles. This pad helps me remember which clients to call back, which clients I have to do case notes on things like that. I am enjoying it! I wish that it wasn't exclusive to the subscription box because I would totally buy more of these and I hope that in the future it becomes a store stape.

Anyway, that's my product review! So seriously, if you love stationery as much as I do, head on over to the Cloth & Paper site get you some goodies and sign up for the subscription box as well.

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