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Life is a series of choices.

Sometimes the choices are good and sometimes they are bad.

Sometimes they are controlled, and other times they are uncontrolled, random,

and some would even say risky.

My life, for the most part, has been a series of carefully curated and crafted decisions. Decisions based more on ethics, or whatever mental ethics I have, but not necessarily what I felt was right or wrong, and definitely not what felt right or wrong, sometimes even incredibly wrong in my heart. No, the decisions were always based on what seems right or wrong, or what would ideally be right or wrong. Living a life that never tipped the scales too far in one direction or another.

Once I realized that I was living in this careful way and relaxing because of this lifestyle choice I was missing out on opportunities, I began to wear this quote like a badge of honor :

“All it takes is 30 seconds of insane courage”

This quote has been a source of inspiration for me for years, and has more than proven its usefulness. Giving me back some of what careful curation had taken away.

So why am I writing about the role of choice and what choice has looked like in my life? Well, I learned that sometimes other forces bigger and out of my control can force decisions out of me. That sometimes the universe can disrupt my lifestyle and set me on another course or path, and whatever awaits me there is new and not carefully curated.

I guess sometimes choices are forced upon us, and I think that is a gift. Especially when you have lived in a careful world for so long. When these gifts are given, we have to take them.

You may never have this sort of chance again.

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