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Book Review: Whiskey & Ribbons

Alright, Y'all I am back at it again with another book review. This time I am reviewing Whiskey & Ribbons by Lessa Cross-Smith. This is the second book that I have read by her, and let me start off by saying, she is officially in my favorite authors I have to read everything they put out category

So lets briefly jump into the story itself.

Whiskey and Ribbons is the story of a family in Lousiville, Kentucky. Two best friends raised as brothers Dalton and Eamon take center stage. Eamon is a cop and married to Evangeline (Evi) who is pregnant with their first baby. But one night on the way home, Eamon is killed in the line of duty. A freak blizzard happens to leave Evi and Eamon snowed in together. The story is told from all of their points of view.

This is a story that is told from the past and the present. As Evi and Dalton work on figuring out their relationship while being snowed in, we get glimpses to the past. We get to see the way Evi and Eamon's relationship develops. We get to see Dalton's own messier, imperfect relationships in contrast to Eamon and Evi's relationships. We get to see into Eamon's head and read about how he felt about becoming a dad and we get to see Dalton's o journey to discovering who his father truly is.

I loved this book. I love Lessa Cross- Smith's writing style. The way that she writes is simply magical. The way in that her writing style allows the reader (me!) to become intimately wrapped up in the lives of the characters who she is writing about. I definitely felt like I personally knew Evi, Eamon, and Dalton. I was so wrapped up in their lives that I ended up finishing this book in a day.

There was nothing that I can say I didn't like or hate about this book. At times Evi annoyed me especially during the "present-day" parts of the book when Evi and Dalton were trying to work on their relationship, but she seemed to only be consumed by who he was having sex with. But in every book that I read there is always something that I don't like about some character, I suppose this means I may be getting too invested in the story. I was shocked ar the plot twist, that Dalton was actually blood, half -brother of Eamon and they literally shared a dad. Talk about expecting the unelected. I felt sad when they decided to keep that secret from Eamon's mom. Even sadder, when coming across Eamon's thoughts about wanting to leave the force once his baby was born. These thoughts almost echo as a form of foreshadowing, and as a reader, I couldn't help but wonder did Eamon know or feel is own death? The theme of love is so strong in the book and echoes off of every page.

I loved this book. This is a must-read if you love Lessa Cross-Smith as much as I do. It is also a must-read if you enjoy lush and rich writing like this as well.

Zuhri's Final Thoughts

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reading Scenario: A warm summer afternoon and evening in bed, air conditioning blasting, a glass of wine in hand.

Book Club Recommendation: Yes. I think this would be a great book club read. It is easy for of members of the club to get done and get through. I think it would create a lot of discussions which is always a must in a book club.


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